From the Pastor:

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord!

This past week had some decidedly spring-like days in it. The sunshine and warmth was a welcome change. At the Chittick household we got some vegetables and flowers for the garden, switched out the heavy blanket for the fancy one, and continued to let our hair continue to grow out of control.

The story of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Bible is about God bringing His people out of exile. It teaches some important lessons that we can use as we look to a world returning from its stay at home order. It teaches us that we will need to work together to get things going again. We will need to keep the Word of God foremost in our minds as we consider the best way to do things. Things will not happen all at once, our re- turn will come in waves. There will be people rooting for us to fail, but God is with us.

I can’t give you a time or day for our return…yet. But I believe the day is not far off. But even as the stay at home order is lifted, I will continue to recommend that people in high risk categories refrain from exposing themselves unnecessarily. God has provided for our needs through the technology He inspired us to in-vent. We will continue to stream our services and release devotions with all our members in mind.

I anticipate there being many guidelines to follow in the coming weeks on how we can best get together the first time we hold physical services. Please continue to stay safe and pray for your brothers and sisters.

Blessings on your week,

Pastor Aaron

St Paul Connection, May 4th