From the Pastor:

Greetings in the name of Christ,
It was a true joy to worship together outside yesterday. It started off with a bit of a chill, but the sun did its job well and the day was beautiful. I especially loved seeing the faces of those that felt uncomfortable joining us in the sanctuary at this time. Moving forward, I anticipate that outdoor worship will continue until a phase that recommends we worship inside without masks comes upon our state. I will be setting up a section of the fellowship hall for people who would prefer to be inside with masks. That way they can watch the service live, and come outside during communion.

The new security doors are installed! I haven’t turned them on yet, because I want a couple of weeks to get the new electronic keys out to people. For the next 2 weeks, I will be in the office on Thursdays and on Fridays by appointment. You can stop by Thursday (I will be on a visit from 11:30 to 12:30) to get your card, or call and set up a time to come in. After that time, I will turn on the electronic locks. This means that the old keys will stop working and you will need a new card key to get in. The cards are very easy to use, you simply hold them up to the scanner attached to the door and the door will unlock. This will help us be a lot more secure on Sundays and protect our little ones at preschool during the week.

I want to thank our council, and especially Aaron Garn, for guiding us through a tumultuous time. Also, if you see Chase Moore, give him a thumbs up for all the extra work he has been doing lately.

Blessings on your week,

Pastor Aaron

Important Info for Worship Outdoors

We will hold all worship services outdoors near the patio, weather permitting.

  • A shaded seating area will be provided on a first come – first served basis.
  • You’re welcome to bring your own canopy or umbrella, lawn chair, or blanket.
  • It is recommended that you wear sunscreen, bug spray, and dress for outdoor worship.
  • It is possible that the weather may not cooperate which means we will move our worship inside.
  • We recommend you bring your own mask in case that happens, but there will still be a few available.
St Paul Connection, June 15