From the Pastor

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord,

It amazes me sometimes how the ability to communicate with each other instantly seems to really make it difficult to know what’s going on!

I would love to be able to tell you what day things will get back to normal, but God seems to be keeping that one all to himself. We do know that while we wait, we are to continue to look for ways to obey Him and love our neighbors.

This week we are participating along with our CAMA brothers and sisters in
handing out large amounts of prepackaged food to the needy. Right now we are
assisting financially, but I am looking for ways we can do more. I know I feel
better when I can accomplish things I know are good. I will strive to keep you
informed of those opportunities. If you have opportunities to serve that need volunteers, please share them with me, so I can pass them along to our servants looking to serve.

We also will be discussing what things will look like when we do finally get to see each other again. It stands to reason that the quarantine will end at some point in the near future, but social distancing guidelines will remain with us for quite a while. We will need to be aware of the best way to continue serving God. That might mean that we move to bringing out tithes forward every Sunday. We may offer more services, or keep up with an online presence. God is giving us a lot to think about, and time to think about it. I want to let you know that your church council continues to serve.

I miss being with you, and look forward to the time we can be together. I better understand why Paul starts and ends his letters with a wish that he could be with the people he was writing to.

God is good, and I will see you again. Blessings on your week, Pastor Aaron

St Paul Connection, April 21