From the Pastor:

Greetings St. Paul family,

As we prepare to open the church’s doors this Sunday, I wanted to take a few minutes to review some of the safety measures we have put in place. You will find a list of guide- lines below. I want to remind you that these guidelines are set out not only for your safety, but for the safety of your brothers and sisters. The more stringently we observe these, the sooner our higher risk brothers and sisters can join us. I also want to remind you that staying at home on Sunday is still a very good option. If you are feeling sick, or are in a higher risk category, or simply are not comfortable going out yet, I encourage you to continue to worship online. I pray that you continue to stay safe and healthy until we can see each other again.

Pastor Aaron

Important Info for Gathering in Person

Included here are some procedures we will have in place beginning Sunday, May 31, so you will have some idea what to expect. All of these have been carefully thought out to help protect you, and if you’re not worried for your- self, they will protect your brothers and sisters.

  1. The doors will be propped open, so no need to touch the handles.
  2. Someone will greet you with a squirt of hand sanitizer as you enter.
  3. People should be wearing masks.
    In order to facilitate this we hope to have some masks available for those who don’t have one. They are ordered, but delivery is uncertain. Please bring your own if possible.
  4. People should practice proper social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from people who don’t live in your house). To help with this we will have some pews roped off. Please only sit in pews that are not roped off. Please only enter one pew: once you’ve entered, that’s your pew for the day.
  5. Worship Folders will be waiting for you in the pew.
  6. Someone will be assigned to take attendance, so you need not handle a Connect Card.
  7. Prayer requests will be verbal; say aloud your request when Pastor asks during worship.
  8. Offering will be dropped off in the plates during communion and as you exit the Sanctuary.
  9. Pastor will be the only one handling the elements for communion and he will do his best to clean in between tables. More instructions will be given on Sunday.
  10. The pews will be cleaned between worship services so that those coming at 11:30 will be just as safe.
  11. Please leave the church grounds as soon as worship concludes. We know it will be difficult to say goodbye once we’ve been reunited.
  12. 11. Everyone who is serving during worship has been contacted. Please disregard the Volunteer Schedule for now.

St Paul Connection, May 26