June 2021 Connection

From the Pastor:

Greetings in the name of Christ,

Spring has brought us fresh air in a lot of ways this year. I am grateful to be able to wor- ship with my congregation, hear your voices, and see your faces. We overcame a lot of chal- lenges and weathered a big storm together. I am very proud of the way many of you found ways to love your neighbor.

As summer gets started we are starting to make plans for old and new activities. I am looking forward to cookouts and ice cream so- cials. There will be fundraisers and community involvement. I look forward to seeing what fun stuff my congregation can come up with.

I will be headed down to Virginia Beach for the annual trip to see the in-laws. Jon and Lo- relai love to see their cousin Vince, and Melissa and her sister turn into teenagers again when you leave them together too long. Of course, when my brothers come to visit later this sum- mer, we won’t get into any mischief.

It is a good time to start considering where you might want to serve at St. Paul when we get back into the swing of things this fall. If you are like me, you developed some new habits that could use some adjusting, and fell out of some habits you want back. Let’s work together to become the people God made us to be, re- deemed us to be, and helps us be.

Blessings on Your June,

Pastor Aaron