Connection, October 20, 2020

From the Pastor

Greetings in the name of Christ,

Blessings on your fall!

I am very happy to announce that the front door magnetic key process is finished! I want to remind the members of the congregation that you are allowed to get a key to the church, free of charge, whenever you want. You could decide to upgrade to a key fob for $5.00. The doors will be unlocked at specific times to let preschool families in, and you can always show up during work hours and push the doorbell. The outer doors do lock at night, to prevent people from coming into the vestibule after dark. Your keycard will always work on both doors. On Sunday, the doors will unlock at 8:30, and lock at 9:15. They unlock again at 11:15 and lock at 11:45. Again, any member can apply for a key that will work any time on both doors.

I am also excited to take a little time off in November. We will get a chance to hear from a pastor we haven’t heard from before on the 1st, a Rev. Martin from Lansing. We will also get a chance to hear fromPastor Bogda on the 8th. I want to encourage you to give them a warm welcome and make them feel the love I always feel when I serve you.

I will be back in the office on the 11th of November, fresh and ready for a blessed advent season. This year we are taking a look at Jesus’ family tree. My morning devotions will be from the devotional book that we ordered to go along with the series. If you are unable to pick on up in person, you can contact the office and get one to follow along.

Blessings on your November,

Pastor Aaron