April Connection

From the Pastor:

Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord!

This week we celebrate Holy Week, getting ready to wrap up Lent on Easter Morning. Often we start Holy Week with Palm Sunday, having a processional and a singing of Hosannas. We save those palms for the next year’s Ash Wednesday. This year we will still see a few palms, but did you know that Palm Sunday is also Passion Sunday? Often churches spend this day focused on the entire story of the passion. The word passion in this context means “to suffer” and it begins with the triumphal entry and ends with his resurrection on Easter Sunday. Churches traditionally created passion plays, recreating the events in theatrical fashion. One of the most popular movies of all time was a retelling of the passion. This year our focus will be on Pas- sion Sunday, as we continue to Return to the Lord.

I am also looking forward to the Sunday School program getting started again. Right now we have tentatively scheduled the preconfirmation and middle/high school youth to get started the week after Easter. We will con- tinue to move forward when we can, and make sure that we are training our youth in the ways of Christ.

The family and I have been getting ready for spring. We had our first camp-fire of the year, busting out the smores and cleaning out the fire pit. Before you know it the garden will be planted and the pool up and running.

Melissa is still keeping me busy inside for the time being. We have been doing lots of renovations and making our home a bit more cozy by the day. It’s a lot of hard work, but it is worth it to see the finished product, and I sleep like a baby when I’m done.

Blessings on your April,

Pastor Aaron