July 8, 2018 – The 7th sunday after pentecost

We welcome to the table of the Lord’s Supper all those who believe and confess alongside this family the teachings of the Lutheran Church. For more on this, refer to the ​Worship​ card, located in each pew rack.

Paul Dove
Cancer patients:​ Rob Eickmann; Sandy Fleig; Melvin Gallatin; Tim Herman; Ed James; Marialyce; MaryJane; Reese; Josephine Ryndak; Carol Unroe; Alan Walters; Rusty Zimmerman.
Family & Friends:​ Anne; Floyd Ethington; Marilyn Pascoe; Doreen Robinson; Vienna. Shut-ins:​ Carol Heffelfinger; Linda Pawelczyk; Cheryl Rosch; Sally​ U​ hrig; Carol Unroe; Carol Yearling; Evelyn Yearling.
Those in military service:​ Lance Bonkoske; Andrew Hatfield; Jeffrey Kaepp; Tristan Karl; Thomas Lenz; Nickole Loomis; Joe Meyer; Lisa Meyer; Devan Paugh; Ryan Schlueter; Chelsea Seegmiller; Heath Taner.

SUNDAY SCHOOL​ for Adults @ 10:30am ​Grab a

Please have all announcements to the office by 12pm, Wednesdays. New Bible Study

TODAY​ July 8 @ 10:30am we will begin watching “The Shack”. We will take a couple of weeks for viewing and discussion. Please come!

Vacation Bible School ​for all potty-trained 3 year olds through
Needed: Volunteers for Vacation Bible School ​Please talk to Ashley or Lisa Mobley if you are interested in helping with VBS July 16-19, 9-11:30am. We are planning and praying for more kids than last year, so we need your help.

Sermon Audio:

Sunday, 7/08/18