As most you have been aware, we have been without a regular pastor here at St. Paul since the retirement of Pastor Curt Adams back in November. During that time, we have ben blessed to have had the guidance and service of Pastor Roger Olson, a retired pastor and chaplain for a Lutheran Home facility. I would like to offer the sincerest and most heartfelt THANKS on behalf of the St. Paul Congrecation to him and his wife Loita for their steadfastness and warmth and to Roger specifically for making it feel as though we were never in a call process.

However, it was indeed a time of prayer and consideration as we sought a replacement for Pastor Curt. Upon deciding as a Voters’ Assembly in February to request a graduate from the Seminary, we have been anxiously awaiting word from the Michigan District as to if we would be granted a called graduate and who he is. Officially we have learned that a graduate has been selected for us and that he will come from Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis!

We also learned that calls will be issued to expected graduates on Wednesday, May 1, beginning at 8:00 pm. This will be part of a special call day celebration at Concordia St. Louis. For us and dozens of congregations around the region, they have made a live stream (think broadcast, but over the Internet) available for us to participate in the service and learn who will receive a call to St. Paul Lutheran Church, Coldwater, MI.

You are invited to participate as you are able. There are two ways you can.

  1. Join us in fellowship and worship as we gather at church to participate in the service Wednesday evening. We’ll start with ice cream at 7:30 and then transition into the sanctuary for worship.
  2. View the service in the comfort of your own home. This requires broadband Internet access. Simply set your browser to Get a service folder from the office (or download at

If you choose not to participate, please give thanks and praise for this occasion and for our collective future in the service of our Savior. We look forward to what is in store for us.

In Christ,

Lawrence Bruce

Special Service – Call Day