Many of us were present on Wednesday evening to learn the name of our new (to be ordained) pastor. Aaron Chittick has had a very busy week and is finishing up his last two weeks of Seminary has added to the whirlwind that closes his time there.

In the middle of all the busyness, I was able to speak with him over the phone Thursday evening. During the conversation we had a chance to talk about a lot of things. But some of you want to know more about him a little more personally, so I offer that here.

Aaron Chittick
Aaron Chittick

Aaron is 31 years old and is the middle (between two brothers) of three children of a Pastor. He has a wife, Melissa and a new daughter, Loralei, who is three months old. Earlier when I learned of his young family, I was misinformed of her age, so three months is truly accurate.

He comes from the Cleveland, OH, area, but has lived in Florida as well. His vicarage was in Kansas (though I do not know the city). He spoke of how touched he was knowing that so many of us gathered together for worship during the Call Service. I let him know there are many more who wanted to attend, and that we had all been praying for him for quite some time — and that we will continue to do so.

He desires to visit as he is able, but if that is not a possibility, he has tentatively planned on starting with us June 16 after moving in that week/weekend. Melissa is seeking information on renting, particularly an apartment. If there is anyone who feels moved to assist, please contact Larry Bruce or the church office. She’ll be staying home to raise little Loralei, so we hope to help them find the best, most comfortable residence available.

Check back here for future updates, as I’ll post anything I can as I know it. We have sent Aaron a package containing several items to assist with familiarizing them with us at St. Paul, as well as with the Coldwater area. Anyone wishing to send him a card or a welcome package as well, please contact the church office for his address. In the meantime, please continue to lift up Aaron and his family in prayer.

More on Pastor-Elect Aaron
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  • May 4, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    I am very excited to meet you all. You are in our prayers, and we are looking forward to a visit in late May after graduation.

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